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Timeline not hitting events when setting playback position backwards

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    Timeline not hitting events when setting playback position backwards

    I have some timelines which feature float, vector and event tracks. I need the timelines to be able to be played backwards and forwards, and also to be "played" backwards or forwards instantly on occasion - in other words, so the entire (backwards or forwards) tracks of the timeline happen at once.

    Playing backwards and forwards is no problem of course. And making the timeline happen instantly forwards is also fine: I am using "Set New Time" to make sure the playhead is at 0.0, and then using "Set Playback Position" to move the playhead to the end of the timeline with the "Fire Events" and "Fire Update" flags set to true. However, when I try the opposite (set playhead to end, and then set playback position to 0) it does the float and other tracks fine but does not fire the events.

    Here is a basic example setup, with a timeline that simply fires a print event at the start, middle, and end of a 5 second timeline:

    If I put the playhead at the start and then set position to end, then it prints all the strings:

    However, if I place the playhead at the end of the timeline, and then set playback position to the beginning, it works fine for any vector/float values, but does not hit the events:

    Is there some reason for this? Or something I'm missing?

    Just bumping this because I really need to find a solution.

    Is there any way to make an event track be hit when setting the playback position of a timeline to a previous position?