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Fbox or bounds from unity in blueprint

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    Fbox or bounds from unity in blueprint

    I want to create something like this in blueprints.
    It's an effect that makes a camera move and zoom so that multiple actors are in the view. Games like super smash bros, lego games, and others are a few example of this. Any ideas?

    Perhaps you could adapt this to your needs:
    • the Pawn has a Springarm with a Camera attached, lag is enabled
    • the first loop takes all actors' locations, makes them into an array and finds the average vector (location) (edit: just realised there is a node that already does all that: GetActorArrayAverageLocation)
    • pin 0 in the Sequence node positions the Pawn there
    This ensures the camera always follows the action.
    • pin 1 in the Sequence node has a double loop whose sole purpose is to find distances between actors
    • once both loops have completed their iterations, get Max distance from the values that accumulated in the array and use it to MapRange camera's Springarm.
    This ensures that a reasonable distance is preserved.

    You should be able to tweak this to get it working precisely the way you need.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	1 Size:	261.9 KB ID:	1408452

    In action:
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