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    Rotate Object Away From Player

    Hi All,

    This is my first time posting on the forums and I am still a newbie to unreal engine so please bare with me a little bit.

    I am currently building a VR submarine game and am trying to make it so when the player drives the submarine near the pieces of tall seaweed on the bottom of the ocean, the seaweed moves to the side avoiding the submarine. I do not want to use collision on the seaweed because there will be hundreds of them in the level and I want to keep the game optimized for VR by not calculating the collision on each. Currently the seaweed moves in the same direction no matter which way I approach it from, making it so it comes right in the submarine with me.

    Any suggestions/photos of what to do would be greatly appreciated and please comment if you need more information. Thanks.

    My suggestion would be to just go an use collision for this, don't worry about the performance implications. The implementation is efficient, and you will not only make it easier to select the hit objects (seaweeds) but also the hit results will have many useful informations available (eg velocity, hit normals etc) you can use to bend your seaweeds to the direction you wish them to. In VR the gpu is having more, while the cpu is having less of the workload, since the bigger display sizes it is rendering the content to.

    You will likely run into issues with drawcalls for these seaweeds however, which will be a different topic where the instanced meshes will replace these actors, although the manipulation of the content will be a bit more challenging to pull it off and may fall into advanced territory. For example, distance field checks and material vertex manipulation can effectively produce you rather similar behavior for the submarine and seaweed interaction, without using any collision or overlap on the cpu level. Either way, it's worth to experiment with many possible solutions.
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      Konflict Thanks for the reply! I decided to turn collision off by default, and when the player enters a trigger box around the piece of seaweed to enable collision only while it is in that box! This way I can still use the suggestions you pointed out and not have to worry about the performance hit of constant collision calculation.