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What is sobol (cell 2D, cell3D, float) and how does it work.

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    What is sobol (cell 2D, cell3D, float) and how does it work.

    Hi I just saw something like this and I don't know what it is, what it does. I'm just asking out of curiosity, so that maybe I can use it if I will need to instead of thinking how to do something for few hours.

    I'm also interested in this. Are there any examples on how to generate these sobol points on e.g. 2D grid? How to control density, and so on...?

    Update: Found this:
    ... Any ideas how to do that with the random 2D sobol function? I don't know what should we input into this function inside the loop.

    Update 2: There are some example images here:
    (under the "New: Sobol Blueprint and Material Nodes")
    ... Sadly I can't find these examples, Content Examples project also doesn't have it.
    Also, things like the presented importance sampling from textures, if anyone knows how to achieve that or where we can find any examples of this, it'd be great.
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