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Blueprints have the worst Inheritance implementation ever

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    Blueprints have the worst Inheritance implementation ever


    I tried to implement a simple inheritance between two classes

    - first I had to add some dummy output to my parent function otherwise it was forced as an event instead of a function in the child (wtf ???)

    - sometimes the child function is called, sometimes the parent function is called which should not bee the caste, I always cast to the child class before calling the function

    anybody can explain that to me is welcome


    Difficult to answer without seeing what exactly you did.

    Did you use "Add Call to parent function"?

    And if your child is actually an actor then keep in mind that the child actor is kinda container for your blueprint. So try using "getChildComponent". It's however never random so maybe you have another problem as well..

    If you're better with C++ then you can also completely skip blueprints and write all code in C++...
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