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apply GameUserSettings without saving to storage

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    apply GameUserSettings without saving to storage

    So GameUserSettings ->ApplySettings will overwrite currently loaded settings AND save it to storage (config file)

    What i need is a function that only applies the changes to the loaded settings, but does not touch my config file (for this we have SaveSettings() already).

    So i would be able to see live changes but could restore my current settings, as long as the player does not hit the "save" button in my usermenu.

    It works as intended. Really, it is meant to save the settings. Unfortunately.

    What i did was making a seperate logic - so i save all settings to a save game slot named "settings". The cool thing is that i can also save game specific stuff there, so after a while it became kinda grabbag of settings - which comes in useful at some point, Save all settings to variables and you can apply them on your will. A bit more work - obviously - but more freedom and you will be independant from the config file.
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