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Spawn Actor From Class Fails

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    Spawn Actor From Class Fails

    Hey Guys,

    Not sure why this is failing, did a quick search of the forums but didn't find an answer. Hoping someone could help me out?

    The Magazine class variable is set by default, and is also set from a structure within a structure (hope that isn't an issue!).

    It is passing true, as did a print string test.

    Getting "SpawnActor failed because no class was specified". I've tried without connecting it via a variable and just selecting it from the node. Same error.

    Also to confirm BPA_Magazine (the class) is an actor class.


    I would promote the spawned actor as a variable before attaching it so you can easily be accessed later. I would also remove the instigator and owner for now. After promoting to a variable you can check and print a string to see if it was spanwed and get its transformation data because just maybe it was created somewhere else. You can go back and check again after you attach it to the Magazine socket as well. Below is a link to spawning and destroying actors from the documentation for some more info.


      Thank you for the response! I'm a fool; it turns out that I missed a step in the flow of information... it wasn't receiving the skeletal mesh I wanted to set it to.

      Oh well, if anyone else stumbles across this issue make sure you aren't setting a new skeletal mesh on spawn from a structure without first connecting that structure to the BP in question ^_^.