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Weird collision issues for a minigolf game

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    Weird collision issues for a minigolf game

    Hi everyone,

    So I'm experiencing an issue on a procedural minigolf game I'm working on.
    I work with a modular workflow

    The problem is that, with velocity, my ball is colliding between two modules for an unknown reason.
    I made them with a uniform scale with magnetic grid on maya in order to avoid this.

    So I made some webm and captures for you to understand, thanks everyone.

    First: do you have per poly collision, or you use spherical collision? Change it to spherical, per poly will alays have strange artifacts when edge of ball colides with edge of another object.

    Playing with physics is hit or miss, because physics simulation is not that accurate, it also depends on framerate. So test with different framerates.
    If you want very accurate calculations, and any kind of replay you should consider coding your own mini physics for ball.
    This, or finetuning parameters of ball, like physic material, its inertia, mass etc.

    Also this is very important: if you use physics do not overwrite actor location, velocity, use only force or impulse. Any change done to location (or velocity) from outside of physics module may be interpreted as sudden spike in velocity thus shooting object in space.


      Thank you very much for these hints.
      Spherical is already the collision preset, I won't spend time coding my own mini physics because I am using blueprints and don't know at all C++.

      I tried physics materials and parameters, changes are weak or null.

      On my blueprints I use set physical linear velocity, I will try other methods maybe it will resolve the issue.