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[BP][4.18] IsMoving -> ApplyDamage

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    [BP][4.18] IsMoving -> ApplyDamage

    Hello guys,

    I'm using the FirstPersonBlueprint,

    I'm playing with the engine once again on my free time. I'm trying to do something really simple : I have an actor (A box / Character for being able to use "Launch Character") that I can push by shooting on it. And I want this box to apply damage to an enemy and the FIrstpersoncharacter while moving.

    This topic helped me alot :

    BUT, I've probably missed something because it doesn't work as intended. When I shoot my Cube2, only the "Cannot" print string is firing. I'm pretty sure the solution is simple and dumb... But I can't figure what's wrong ?

    I'm getting the velocity of the cube. If it's superior to 0.1, my Cube2 IsMoving. And If my Cube2 IsMoving, It applies damage on Firstperson and Enemy... No ? Do I miss something here ?

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    I would either Watch the value of your Is Moving? float variable or output it through a Print String to make sure it is not always < 0.1, which would explain why you always get into the "Cannot" (Can Damage = false) case.
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