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Networking line trace weird result.

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    Networking line trace weird result.

    I have networked my line trace and the destroy actor but when i line trace on the server it will only hit the actor from the front.

    Here is a gif showing what is happening. The hit object is being printed to show whats being hit.
    This is the client as its being started on a dedicated server.
    You can clearly see that im hitting the object but it is only registering it when im basically touching it
    If i set the line trace to multicast it detects the object but it ignores the apply damage so the object does not get destroyed.
    the object is replication.

    Execute on server


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    Originally posted by iamjohngalt1975
    You need this something bad!

    Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Quick And Dirty Blueprint Shooter Replication

    **I forgot to mention in engine v4.17+ epic somehow broke getting a rotation from the camera boom, so instead in the video where I set up the linetrace get the rotation from the camera as well**

    You are welcome!
    Thanks for this i managed to get an idea of how to do it and was able to easily recreate this in c++, very well made tutorial.