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    you cant make the object pin a variable...This is stupid I'm sure its easy. This must be the same object for every actor blueprint you cast to


      Anyone ever casted to an actor blueprint before from within an actor blueprint or were you too busy playing eyespy?
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          Why not make a variable on your player character called "SecretCollectible" that I'm assuming you'd want to overwrite on each level, perhaps? Then when you reach the secret collectible and overlap to pick it up, set it to the "SecretCollectible" variable so you have it stored for later. Then when you've reached the end of the level you can cast to it, using that variable as your reference node (the left pin on the cast you don't have hooked up in the image you provided) and that way if the player's got the secret collectible then your cast will succeed, otherwise it won't.

          Also, if you destroy the collectible when it's collected then this probably won't help you. So you will have to just hide it and disable collisions or something if necessary.

          Note: You actually won't even need to cast at all to the collectible if you just assign it to a variable when you first get to it. And you'll still be able to get variable information from it by dragging a pin off the "get" reference node from it.
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