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how to set parameter in another bp

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    how to set parameter in another bp

    As shown in image i need to access a specific same parameter in different separate bp's - but i need to be able to specify the different actor from game/editor - via another paramter.
    IS this possible - or how could i do it?

    Thanks a lot for any help :-)

    Is the blueprint you need to set the parameter on the one you're spawning or another actor somewhere else in the level?

    If it's the one you just spawned then you can use the return value to get or set a parameter on it if you made it public in the blueprint for the actor.

    If it's something already in the level you need to use either get actor by tag or get actor by class to grab an instance of what your are wanting to set the parameter on and then set it.

    If it's part of the game instance then you can simply get game instance, cast to your custom game instance class then set the parameter. Again as long as the parameter is public.


      Hi Digitalfiz - thanks a lot for your reply.

      The blueprint i need to set a parameter float value in - named "p 3 play rate" - is the spawned actor.

      But because the "paper actor" is parameter actor - that i set dynamically - im not able to set the specific "p 3 play rate" parameter.

      Im guessing im looking for way to just set a parameter - named any thing i need to. If this paramter exist it is set - but if not then nothing happen?

      But maybe this is just "bad" programming :-) ?

      ​​​​​​​Hope you can help.

      Best regards