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[Help] Component Begin Overlap of a scripted object not working correctly.

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    [Help] Component Begin Overlap of a scripted object not working correctly.

    I'm trying to do buttons that turn on/off multiple scripted lights, but when i put more than one button inside the editor Component Begin Overlap works weird, it doesn't recognize no buttons except the last added.

    Input keyboard + overlap through gate doesn't work

    Through testing i discovered the problem was the way Component Begin Overlap works and after a change the image below worked.

    Just directly connected overlap to execution of the code, all buttons in the scene started to work.

    So what i'm trying to achieve is:
    How do i do a keyboard input + box trigger(buttons class component) of multiple button objects when both cases are true, to work?

    There is another way to correctly use component begin overlap for multiple instances that i am unaware?

    Thanks in advance!

    Anyone has any ideia?


      Are you sure the Component Begin and End overlap aren't firing simultaneously? Have you debugged that? Sometimes the problem may lie within the overlapping actor


        Yes when i put only one button instance in the editor the code runs smoothly but if i put 2 or more buttons a random instance is actived the others just dont trigger anything