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Dynamically create slate brush image in a widget blueprint

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    Good day! Just wanted to share with you, I worked out a way to choose level by scrolling the widgets. It's maybe not the most convinient way but it seems to work and I deleted the Combo box.

    What I did at BeginPlay was to:

    1. Initialize a start level by int and do the scroll offset times image width, which sets the level widget in focus.

    2. At the same time am also setting a current level scroll int variable.

    3 From that current level scroll am getting the matching string from LevelOption array and set it to name var that will load the map, when play btn is pressed.

    Then am just adding or subtracting 1 and set it to "current level scroll" when setting the scroll offset.
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      Another topic I wounder if you can help with is basically about radial progress bar and trigger an event after time progression.
      I have done a radial progress bar which starts on button hovered. Time duration for the progress can be adjusted but for now it's set to 2s and after that the event is triggered.
      If button is unhovered the time progress is aborted and so is the event to be triggered.

      The problem am having is that if button is unhovered and hovered on again a couple of times before 2s has passed, the event will be triggered even though 2s duration hasn't passed?
      Basically I guess I need to know if the time which has passed (is that delta time?) from when I unhovered the button til I hovered over it again has passed the 2s. If not it should not trigger the event.

      Am using a simple boolean to determine if progression bar is true or not depending on hovered button or unhovered.
      So when on button unhovered, var "isAbortProgressionBar" is set to true which doesn't trigger the event.
      On button hovered var "" is set to false which trigger the event.

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        ...I think I was looking for the "Retriggerable Delay" node.


          Hello again Everynone,
          I wounder a bit over the "Level" Widget you setup with "LevelName" and "LevelImage" variables. When you feed the LevelName you do it with a ForLoop. I did it with a ForEachLoop, taking the string array. Then I have a 2D texture array with images that I want to feed in to the "LevelImage" var. The thing is I don't know how to feed both of these arrays into the Level Widget at the same time? When I try to do two ForEachLoop one of them will get overriden. It feels like I have the wrong approach here.


            I did a test of making a custom ForEachLoop, built on the standard macro.
            Added another array input and element output. Then added another array length for the branch check condition.
            The custom ForEachLoop seem not to be able to handle wildcards so I set the input arrays to the types I needed as well as the output element.
            It seems to work!