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    Newbie Blueprint Sectoon

    Hello Everyone !
    I decided to make a topic for newbies (as i am) in Blueprint visual scripting.
    I think it will be pretty informative for juniors as well as kind of practice for advanced guys out there
    So let me start
    Here is a blueprint to spawn an class-actor when you hit a button.
    Here you can see event Input for assigned button (right mouse click in my case) , after that it goes to spawn actor node with location of player.

    Bomb class Blueprint is pretty simple , consisting of sphere shape and 3 nodes :
    Delay of one second -> spawn blueprint class explosion (from example) -> destroy actor (self)

    So we got king of bomb placed at the place of actor.

    I will update this topic with more simple stuff.
    For now i have next goals to tackle :
    1. make "Bomb" grow withing a second after that explode.
    2. make fire at the place of explosion to stay for 2 seconds.

    For now idea to make "grow" is like that - , but for some reason it is not working and i am trying to investigate why , any help will be appreciated !