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comparing trace impacts

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    Thanks Michael

    The second way is much better, I'm glad you showed me that, as that was going to be my next question.


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    Hi Jey,

    There are no class == or class != nodes exposed right now, we'll add them in a future release. For now you can try using a Cast to ... node instead.

    Also depending on what you're doing, you might want to explore collision channels ( and narrow your traces down to only hit things of the type you are interested in (this can also be a performance optimization). I don't know if there is documentation about it yet, but you can define custom collision channels for your game in Edit..Project Settings..Collision.

    Michael Noland
    Last edited by Michael Noland; 03-26-2014, 08:26 PM. Reason: Added note about custom collision channels

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  • started a topic comparing trace impacts

    comparing trace impacts


    I'm using single line trace for objects in a blueprint. I'm feeding the on hit into a break hit.

    Now I'm wanting to check to see what type of child actor the ray cast is impacting. but everything i try comparing returns false. i thought maybe i could get the class of the hit actor object and compare that to a new variable with that class assigned , but i cant find a class equals...

    Any tips would be a big help