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Actors get spawned twice on some sublevels?!?

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    Actors get spawned twice on some sublevels?!?

    I have no Idea about this, maybe you can help.

    I spawn an enemy and attach weapons to it. I wondered why the weapons were still there, after i destroyed them. I did a lot of research and bug-hunting, and it seems, that for SOME sublevels, when i spawn an enemy, it will spawn 4 attached weapons (2 i want and get ref to, and 2 duplicates)

    I use an blueprint trigger to spawn those enemies, and it works 100%. But ONLY in SOME sublevels (Level called "Tile17" and "Tile18"), the enemies spawn 2 weapons + 2 duplicates. I have ~40 sublevels, so this is with no doubt working in all the levels i tested it, except those two. All sublevels are basically the same, so there is no major difference except some level sequences.
    i double checked everything, and i have no solution for it. I even deleted the level sequences.

    How my BP works:
    Character gets created, "Create Character" Function is called ONCE (SpawnActorFromClass) (creates weapons and stuff), character suddenly gets 4 weapons, like the function runs twice, but it runs only once.

    How can a BP work fine, but get this error in some sublevels?

    Thanks for help, i will double check everything. maybe there is something i haven't found jet.
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