(sorry, I'm not sure to be in the right forum, please make me know if another one is more relevant)

I'm working on a project where I use UE to simulate an autonomous robot.
I use « Default Pawn » as « Default Pawn Class » to navigate freely in the world using the mouse while the robot makes its own work.
I also have a HUD with buttons to interact with the UI of the robot.

Thus I'd like to capture the mouse on mouse down and release it on mouse up. This way I can navigate the map by maintaining the click down, and interact with the HUD if I release the constant mouse down.

In Project Settings / Engine / Input I selected « Capture During Mouse Down » (the info says releases on mouse up) that seemed to be what I wanted to do, and « Lock on Capture » for Lock Mode.

Unfortunately, once the mouse is captured it is never released and I cannot get the pointer back.

Does anyone has an idea how to resolve this ? (the solution can be to change the Default Pawn Class, as long as I can navigate the world with the new pawn)

I'm on Ubuntu, UE 4.16.3, with a C++ empty project.

Thanks a lot !