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Impulse not being applied. Please help!

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    Impulse not being applied. Please help!

    So, I want my player character to either drop or throw a flare that he is carrying around at this stage, depending on which input event happens. The dropping the flare part works perfectly, by detaching the flare from the character and having gravity take over and do it's thing. I use the exact same setup to throw the flare, only with an impulse node attached at the end.... Like so:

    Click image for larger version

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    The logic behind the setup is that the impulse will be applied to the static mesh component of the flare blueprint, after it has detached from the socket on the character, shoving it in the direction the character is facing. But it just isn't happening. The flare just falls to the ground, just like in the Drop Flare scenario. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

    This is the player character blueprint, and the static mesh component reference refers to the static mesh component of the flare blueprint.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, because this is driving me crazy.


    Add Angular Impulse will only try to spin the object and if I remember correctly the numbers involved are quite large to even see the effect of it. Add Impulse is probably what you're looking for to "throw" something. Just for interest sake.. you speak Afrikaans?, just based on your name..
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      1. I thought I was using the Add impulse node... I might be going blind. But anyway, I fixed it and it works great. Thanks for spotting my error! Now it's just a matter of messing with the values to get the effect I want.
      2. Indeed it is! So I checked out your profile on here, and I'm liking that game you're working on. Looks lekker bra! Nice to meet another local developer on here! Pop me a request in the launcher if you want, would love to have you play test my game at some point!