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Bizarre issue - Lost progress -

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    Bizarre issue - Lost progress -

    I've checked over this thoroughly and I assure you it happens.

    1) I work on a project throughout the day. I save frequently. Maybe six times a day.

    2) I close the program.

    3) I turn on the program the next day and all my work is gone.

    4) I check the backup folder - no backups - no evidence that any work ever happened.

    5) I open the project and close the project a few times, making a change here and there.

    6) I open the project and all of my changes are gone - but the changes I made YESTERDAY are back.


    This has happened three times, and I'll never know if all the changes I made will disappear and I'll never know when or if they'll return.

    I save often. No source control - no extra software - no funny business. Just a simple blueprint only project. Files disappear on their own. File names change on their own. I'm not insane, I know it happens.

    Any idea what the heck could be going on?

    EDIT: I should add that my computer has not been having a very great time lately and has subjected me to frequent crashes and BSOD. I've already ordered a replacement, but until then, I need this project to get done.
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