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    Hello all,

    I am new to Unity and UE4 including C# and C++. I just got them both to play around and I do like them both but kind of want to learn UE4 and blueprints first. I have searched many videos on how to do what I would like to do but have not found a single one (not even an outdated one). Speaking of outdated videos it is sometimes hard to follow them since some features are missing/renamed/icon changed/placed in a different position or whatever. Anyhow, what am I interested in is to create ARPG game like Diablo 3 (yes I know many of us wants that or FPS/3Rd PS) from scratch using blueprints but I do NOT want to use TopDown Template that is there. I know it would make it easier but I would like to learn how to do it for myself (this is only for my knowledge).

    So, what I would like to ask the community is to see if any of you have come up with a video to share or if any of you have ever found a video like that so that you can share the link. Again, I like to learn how to create ARPG game like D3 from scratch using Blueprints only using a "Blank Project" and no extra assets.