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[HELP] Trigger box and widget problem

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    [HELP] Trigger box and widget problem

    In my level, I have trigger box. When the player overlaps the trigger, a widget is displayed on screen telling the player what level they can travel to if they press a specific key. On end overlap, the widget disappears.

    Unrelated to that, at any time if the player presses a specific key, they drop a specific item. That item has it's own trigger box, and it functions similarly to what I mentioned just before. If the player overlaps it, a widget is displayed telling the player that they can pick that item up. When they end overlap, the widget disappears.

    These two function how I want them to. The problem I have though, is if the player is already in the level trigger box when they drop the item, the level widget remains on screen for ever. It's as if dropping the item while in the level trigger box, disables the level trigger box. I am no longer able to press the key to go to the next level either.

    Any ideas?

    The triggerbox might be getting an overlap activation by the dropped item? So maybe a Cast to Player is needed from the "oncomponentbeginoverlap" for example. So that it is only activated by the player and not other actors such as the item. Not sure...