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Fish Animation Blueprints. Newbie need help.

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    Fish Animation Blueprints. Newbie need help.

    Hi, I'm fairly new to using blueprints in unreal engine. I created a fish mesh, with bones and a swimming animation in 3ds max, which is all imported fine into unreal, I just need to know how to get the animation to play at the beginning of my level starting and continuously loop until the level is exited. I've been searching more tutorials for hours, it doesn't seem like a difficult task, I just need my animation to play, however I am struggling to find any help.

    If anyone knows any existing tutorials out there already.


    You need to first set your Anim mode and anim class for your character.

    You're probably going to have to create an Animation Blueprint for your character (which is probably what you're missing). Right click in the content browser > Animation > Animation Blueprint.
    Select your character's skeleton.
    Set the animation class for your character to that blueprint.

    Now open the animation blueprint you just created. You should be in the Anim Graph.

    Right click and "add new state machine...". Connect the node to the final pose node.
    Double click the State machine you just created and this'll open it up. You should be in the State machine you just created.

    Right click and "add state...". Connect the "entry" node to the new state. Double click the new state.
    Right click and type the animation name you want to play. Connect it to the final animation pose. Select the animation and make sure its on loop.

    When you start the game it should play that animation on a loop