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Geometry creation blueprint in real time

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    Geometry creation blueprint in real time

    Hi all!

    I'm trying to build a functionality into an app that I'm developing for uni, and it consists of giving the ability to the player to create a basic shape to block out the shape of a building.

    The way I've done it so far is to just let the user switch between different shapes (a box, a sphere, a cone and such basic primitives made in 3d editors). By adjusting their x, y and z scale values they can more or less create different shapes, but it's kind of limiting since they are still basic shapes. I would love to know whether there's a better method, or ideally if there's the ability in Unreal to create geometry in real time by specifying different points within the game map. Kind of like a clik - click - click - clik and extrude approach, where each click would define the position of a vertex of the basic shape.

    I've tried to find anything like this on the internet, but to no avail. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated, as I think it would be a better approach than the one I'm using right now. Thanks for your time!


    Maybe ProceduralMesh is what you are looking for. There's a example in Content Examples. Another method I can think of is to use a heightmap painter, again there's an example in Content Examples.