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Basics are eluding me !

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    Basics are eluding me !

    Hi again guys so i have been using unreal engine for far too long to still be having the same problems over and over again .. I am left feeling quite frankly dumb ..
    I seem to have no idea what i am doing . I am having a very hard time doing the most basic of things . I have just spent three hours trying to get a cube to move left and right on a key press ! I have set up my axis input to right and d being positive a being minus .. However when it comes time to move the cube i am stuck ..I am very confused because all of the tutorials i watch or images of bp setups include get rotation..break the rotation etc etc WHY DO I NEED ALL THIS .my major issue is overthinking things guys and im pretty sure i have some type of learning difficulty i never thought so until i tried to use unreal lol .. Im not even sure what help im asking for guys im just so frustrated i feel like punching the hell out of my rig ..

    Im simply trying to control a cube.But i do not know what class it should be. etc etc This is very frustrating as i have built a fps game and this is a side project but i seem to have lost all knowledge ....I understand that unreal needs to know which way the cube is facing in order to make sure it travels in that direction but . everything i try i cannot even move the cube in the wrong direction im aware that im rambling guys but i feel like giving up and since unreal was the only reason i built this rig in the first place i realy do not want to do that ......

    somebody tell me i have not gone crazy and unreal realy is this complicated because i fell like a simpleton

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    You're at the desperation phase of your learning curve
    The only advice I can tell you is to persevere.

    Once you'll have your cube moving, you'll know what's an actor, how to modified it, vector, BP...
    The first steps are the more difficult because you walk in the dark.
    The more light you'll have, the easiest the way will be
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      Hey thanks for taking the time to answer my nonsensical post . This would be far less frustrating if i were a beginner but i have been using unreal for maybe a year now and i seem to have lost all knowledge regarding blueprints and the way classes and such work . i am having a hard time of it just lately . i know if i go watch a tutorial for an hour everything will come flooding back but i cannot fine any tutorials for what i am attempting anywhere online