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    UMG spreadsheet like table

    I am working on a project that has a lot of data manipulation, looking for a spreadsheet type effect to view the changes. I searched google and around in the forums and everything I find seems to be related to the data tables. I am looking for something similar but editable in-game. Would I just make a UMG grid and an array of data or is there a better way??

    looking for any suggestions.


    If there's a better way, I don't know.
    For creating data, data tables are useful, but can not be modified in a baked game, but you can do it in PIE (play in editor).
    If you want to add or modify data in a baked game, I suggest using classes or the map/kvp/dictionary. The data table is just a map of name-yourstruct, so you can make a map of name-yourstruct too and save it to a save game file. Of course how you add data do it is up to you and if you want to do it visually i suppose you'd have to make a widget that accounts for all the data.

    ... something I just recently attempted to do.

    Click image for larger version

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    It's not pretty but it's just to get the functionality going. The point is that the information added to the widgets gets added to a struct.
    In my case, I am writing to a csv file and importing it to a data table in PIE.
    But I could as well write it to a map and save the map using the save game system, which can be done in a built game.
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      You can make your own, custom widgets for UMG. So create widget for either single cell or single line. Then fill list or grid with them.

      For eg. I had bunch of static objects in level. So when level loaded, I ran script that counted them, loaded to array. After that master umg (hud) blueprint checked that array and created one line in list widget for each item. Each line was my custom umg blueprint that handled data for single object in map.
      Each umg line blueprint was given pointer to object in level. When i changed state of line blueprint in umg, it changed corresponding variable in its object in level. It also could read them.
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        Thanks for the suggestions.


          I would like to know more about this as my game has over 2,000 variables it needs to keep track of at all times I choose to do my data table directly in the pie row editor as I ran into trouble using Csvpad,for if you accidentally hit alt x which is right next to alt s (save) it bombs out of the program and you lose all your changes. Not very good and the program also had corrupted itself and no longer runs CSV files anymore, LOL, But the Pie row editor is not very good either because its located its row name field in the completely wrong place on the opposite side of the screen as my has thousands of lines of dialog to enter as well. But I can't click directly in the row to quickly rename it because to rename it you have to sweep the mouse back and forth all the time just to get to the field because its been put in the wrong place on the UI. I have alot of systems and worlds that the player visits but I don't know the type of system I need to set up for keeping track of it all. including how to set up the save file system for all of this data.
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