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Finish Execute's Effect on Tick Rate

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    Finish Execute's Effect on Tick Rate

    I have recently started replacing some old enemy AI for a game I've been working on with Behavior Trees. I am fairly new to behavior trees and have run across an issue where if I add a Finished Execute node at the end of one of my tasks, the Event Receive Tick node which controls the task executes once for every three ticks of Event Tick in the AI Controller. If I do not have a finished execute node, the tree logically remains in an infinite loop executing my task but at the same tick rate as Event Tick in AI Controller.

    My Tasks involve applying impulse forces to the controlled pawn, but since the ticks are not the same the behavior of my new BT controlled AI is incorrect.

    Is the Tick method for Behavior Trees purposefully slower than the tick method for regular blueprints?

    Is there anyway to execute the entire Behavior Tree in one Tick?

    Here is my Behavior Tree, debugged down to just two tasks:

    Click image for larger version

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    Find Closest Player Just sets a blackboard vector to the position of an Actor referenced in the Pawn controlled by the Behavior Tree

    Fallback applies an Impulse if the Player is too close.