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Making the AI jump.

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    Making the AI jump.

    I have an AI that is supposed to chase the player down after detecting it. So far I've been using the navmesh and just move to commands to follow the player around. However the chasers are instantly defeated by even the smallest of gaps that the player can jump over. Forcing them to either get stuck if no alternate path exists or take the long way around. Is there any way to incorporate the ability to jump into the pathfinding process so it could navigate those gaps in the navmesh?

    Great question. I'd love to see an answer to this as well. I found a post on Answer Hub (can't find it now), that said the NavMesh is set up for allowing jumping, but I'm not sure if that was out of the box or easily extended with C++ knowledge.

    I was able to get a sort of working version for a simple platform game by setting up NavMeshProxy links and then a trigger to tell the AI to 'Jump'. It only sort of worked though. For some reason, the AI would appear to hit an invisible wall and not quite make the jump even though their velocity should have easily been enough to get over. The proxies seemed to work just fine to allow the AI to get past gaps in the nav mesh so dropping down from a higher ledge worked fine. Maybe you can work around that way? The BP Content Examples has a nav mesh level that shows how to set that up.

    Please post if you figure out how to make this work.
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