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Spinning Projectile Mesh

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    Spinning Projectile Mesh

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to figure out how to accomplish making my projectile rotate along one of its axes persistently over the entire projectile lifetime. The basic use case is that I want my rocket projectiles to rotate in the roll axis at a constant speed.

    I looked into this briefly yesterday but it seemed like doing so required detaching my static mesh component from my projectilemovement component and instead using a rotationmovement component. That's not exactly what I desire so I was wondering if there is a way to do this in BluePrints. If not I'm open to utitlizing C++ for this behavior as well.

    If it is something simple like a rocket, than use a particle (with the rocket mesh) with an infinite lifespan and a mesh rotation rate.
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      You should use a Particle System with a mesh data!

      then you can use the Rotate over life time to make the spinning

      This is far more efficient than using a static mesh!

      You can make a sphere comp to serve as colliding geometry for the projectile if you need to.

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        Using a particle system seems like a good creative solution to this problem. I'm not too familiar with particle systems / Cascade, would I be able to control the rotation of my particle system mesh in reaction to certain key events? For example, if my projectile bounces or comes to rest (OnBounce, OnStop events) I would want to be able to control the rotation behavior so I don't (for example) have constant rotation going on for a grenade projectile that's supposed to be at rest.


          [MENTION=552]Rama[/MENTION] would the particle system rotation approach work over network? I'm considering what you've suggested, but I'm curious if the particle systems might fall out of sync.

          i.e. a player attempts to dodge what THEY see, but server says no! Also, currently, the server never produces the particles on any projectiles, for this use case I'd have to do that.

          Cheers dude.


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            There is a component you can add to your blueprint that rotates the entire actor. I used it for my projectiles and it seems to work pretty well.