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Construction / Wall Connection System

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    Construction / Wall Connection System

    Hey there,

    This may have been posted before, but I'm posting here to explain my own situation.
    I'm working on a small construction game as a small example, as of now the player can place "rooms" in a grid around the map (1000x1000 units.) I plan to add different types of structures, varying from size, to function, etc.
    The player cannot stack these rooms, the system only currently supports single-story construction.

    Example Image 1 - the "green" plane also snaps to the grid, and if you haven't already guessed, it means that there is not an already existing object / structure there.
    Example Image 2 - another example; the "red" plane indicates that nothing can be placed there.

    How this works is that every single "segment" or "room" placed ingame has its own blueprint with the same "grid indicator" mechanic, only that it will not follow the mouse. It will also remain invisible ingame.

    So, the barebones construction system is in place - but this is where my problem arises. In this game, you are tasked with the objective of building a space station. In this type of game, construction is tricky because everything must remain modular and able to fit with everything else. My question is this: what is the best way, if possible, to force each wall to "connect" to the next (adjacent / colliding walls will disappear, creating a "joining" illusion.)
    The trick here is to form "hallways" and corridors depending on how the user builds the rooms, but not creating a "hole" which would lead to the outside of the station.

    Is this at all possible? What are your thoughts? I am still quite new to UE4, so blueprints would be preferred. If I didn't provide enough information, just tell me.

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    Did you even find a solution to this question?