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How to play a random animation from a list

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    How to play a random animation from a list

    Hi! It's a crosspost from
    but apparently it's not as simple as I thought so I'm trying here. I can sum-up my problem as:
    Provided that you can access an array of full-body anim sequences, how would you create an Animation BP that picks an anim sequence at random from the array, play it until it's finished, and repeat?
    The way I'm doing it now is using the "Sequence" input pin on play nodes in AnimBP, but I'm not sure it's the right way. In particular, I'm not sure if changing the value of the input animation from BP could be a problem if the anim graph is evaluated in a separate thread.

    Any suggestions?

    I would be surprised if I was the only one in need for this. I'm now looking at creating a custom anim node in C++ that can queue anim sequences to play. If anyone sees a simpler way to do it, please share your idea