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Camera rotation in flying template

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  • Camera rotation in flying template

    Hi all,

    Testing out an idea using the flying template as a basis, and I'm in need of some help or pointers.

    I've altered the controls slightly on the flying pawn, removing yaw and controlling pitch and roll with the gamepad left stick. I'm now trying to add camera control using the right thumb stick. I've searched high and low for some pointers on google, YouTube and here on the forum, bit have had no joy.

    The aim is to have the camera following the pawn, including pitch and roll, with some lag when there's no input on the right stick (which I've done with no bother), and when the right stick receives input, it rotates the camera around the pawn, allowing you to see behind, to the side etc..., snapping back to behind when no input has been received for a couple of seconds.

    I just can't get it working.

    There are some options for inherit pitch, yaw and roll on the spring arm, and another above them which some posts I've found suggest you should play with, but i either get locked camera movement (cam locked behind pawn) or i get no camera movement (cam locked facing one direction despite the pawn control). Either way i get no cam rotation.

    I can add screenshots when i get home later if that might help?

    I did also find a video on YouTube that demonstrates when I'm trying to do exactly, and I've messaged the guy with a plea for help but have had no reply. Again, i can share the video when i get home.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    Hi again,

    I didn't get the chance to take any screen shots tonight, but below is the kind of thing I'm looking to do. A chase camera that allows you to rotate to see to the side / behind, before snapping back when there's no input in the camera control.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction using the standard flying template it'd be hugely appreciated and i could work it out in my version from there!

    Thanks again,


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      Below is how I've set up the camera and spring arm. Anyone have any ideas what I might need to do?

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Camera.JPG
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Size:	53.6 KB
ID:	1124997

      Spring Arm:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	SpringArm.JPG
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ID:	1124998



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        Anyone have any idea? Any experience of this?


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          I finally found this that seems to work (to an extent) using the camera / spring arm settings I posted above.

          It doesn't quite work how I need it to, but it's a starting point and might be helpful for anyone else having the same problem.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	AddWorldRotation.JPG
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Size:	51.5 KB
ID:	1125070

          May as well mark this as solved.