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Object to "build itself" by parts flying in

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    Object to "build itself" by parts flying in

    Im working on a project for a client, and an idea was passed across for this building to be built in front of you , by that i mean side panels and wall pieces flying in and coming together, i know the principles of this but im wondering how to go about doing it?

    i tried manitees, but the issue with that is, if i want to move the "built building" the manitees, dont follow,
    is there a way i could this within max?

    Stumped so any help would be hugeley appreciative

    You could have a master object (Something invisible that just acts as a parent for each individual object) and set each building piece as a child of this master object. Then figure out the correct location for each piece to go to and use VInterp or iTween to move each piece to that location. Then when you need to move the master building object, all the pieces go with it.
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