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Gamepad input events in 'UI only' mode?

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    Gamepad input events in 'UI only' mode?

    Hey there,

    I'm trying to get the game in a state where:

    1) We can get gamepad input actions (Thumbstick, face buttons, etc.) to fire, but
    2) Gamepad input actions on the player/hero (Jump, Shoot, Move, etc.) are not firing.

    I've been using the Set Input Mode (Game/UI/Game & UI) nodes where I pass in the owning player controller to get in and out of 'UI' mode, and have also tried setting the focus on various UI widgets.

    In all of my tests, it seems like if I want to have controller input I have to be in either Game or Game & UI input modes.

    Is there any way to get controller input in UI Only mode?