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one widget, different source actors for

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    one widget, different source actors for

    what I like to accomplish is displaying different texts for different locations on the map.

    For this I created a Actor Blueprint that sets a exposed text variable on overlapping a volume and calls a HUD widget.
    Now i place that actor BP several times in the map and enter different variable text in the "Details" tab next to the exposed variable, e.g. "this is area A" or "here you see B".

    My problem is now, how to pass on that individual variable context to the Hud? Or otherwise, how to get the correct variable content from that one actor which calls the widget?

    I spent ours on casting and variable passing, but did not fing a working solution for the widget and it's event graph.
    If someone has a working solution then I would be greatful for screenshots with explanations on how its created and why.

    Thanks in adv.