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Run into trouble with Anim Blueprint

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    Run into trouble with Anim Blueprint

    Attack Animation plays only once when i click the right mouse button to attack but after that the attack button stops responding and stops working after that.... I have got no idea why its not responding.


    I also followed a tutorial on adding sound into my grass material. but the anim notify didn't work got no audio grass sound even though I'm added in the code for it and added in the anim notify for the feet.

    Strange.. The anim notify with the line trace is also not showing up even though debug line is turned on So My conclusion is that the anim blueprint I'm using (UE4ASP_HeroHTPP_AnimBP) is using a totally different set of
    animations files.

    Well it turns out, after digging more deeper into this problem that the UE4ASP_HeroTTP Anim BP is using Blendspaces instead of using animation sequences so its not even able even to play any animation notify events because I dont' see any option in the Blendspace that the BP is using to beable to add in a anim notify event to get it to play the sound for my grass material.

    Confused, help...
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