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validating strings

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    validating strings

    hi guys im making my login screen for my game . so far everything is going good.

    i am trying to make it so that the player must include a number within their chosen password.

    does anyone know how i can check this in unreal. i know you have a function called contains which lets you search the string to see if it contains other words, characters etc but i cant seem to find anything that would let me search the string and check if it contains a number.

    any ideas how i would go about doing this thanks

    TLDR how to check a string contains a number

    use the Contain Node inside a Loop, to check for the substrings:
    "0" - "9"
    if any of that is true, you know a number is inside the string.. if not, user needs to enter one.


      How would I do numbers 0-9 the node only let's you put one string to check in the substring field or do you mean make 9 contain nodes and check one number in each?

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        What [MENTION=452540]Chaosgod_Espér[/MENTION] suggested would, of course, work but it would require you to set up an array with 10 digits. Alternatively, you could try something like this:

        Click image for larger version

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          Ah thanks didn't even realise there was a "is numeric" function.

          So what you're doing here is just breaking the string down into a char array and then looping through each char and checking if it is numeric .

          Thanks both of you