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    Replace Widget With Another

    I am trying to make a "You Died" widget to appear when you die. The problem I have is I have another widget, set to display how long you survived. The widget keeps automatically appearing, so even though I have it set to remove all widgets when you die then create the you died widget, after a tick the hud displaying the timer, pause button, etc just shows up and overlays it.

    Click image for larger version

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    That is of course the level blueprint, stating that when an actor dies then it will remove widgets and place down the you died one

    If there are anymore images you need, I'll be happy to provide them!

    Please Note: I am new to Unreal so I kind of don't know how it all works yet, so if you could post images of what you are referring to, that'd be great! In addition, I am aware that I shouldn't have that blueprint in the level one, but I cannot seem to find a way to have two event ticks in the third person blueprint and I don't know of a way where my arrangement would work without one. Thank you for your help

    You never got a reply to this?

    I tried asking a similar question in any unofficial discord, they pointed me to a 3 hour video on Blueprints.

    Unfortunately I'm having the same issue - the only difference is my replacement widget doesn't show up. Surprisingly it's the same widget as if I had selected it from the Widget Class.

    No docs on it. I'm going to have to dig through hundreds of youtube videos and get past every snarky developer who can't just help answer simple Qs like this.