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NPC to NPC Communication

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    NPC to NPC Communication

    I'm in the middle of creating NPC's that converse with each other, but I can't find anything like it as an example. Does anyone know how I'd get 2 NPC's to have a conversation with one another without creating a cinematic. The aim is to allow the player to observe the NPC's conversation if they chose to do so.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    I'd Create a Character Pawn Blueprint Actor with a a capsule Overlap that serves to let that actor know what is around them...This would serve as a Parent NPC Blueprint so all logic applies to child NPC's...They Overlap would interact with doors, the player, and of course other NPC's...
    roll a random number to see if they start a conversation with that other NPC when it overlaps with another NPC (or something like that so they don't have a conversation with Every NPC all the time...) then do the logic like making them face each other, get into place and, start the conversation, and play animations in the Parent NPC under a custom Event likely named Begin Conversation...if you've word text for the conversation then I'd have the word text only appear when the player is within a certain range, if just audio then I'd adjust my Attenuation settings accordingly for range...