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For Honor fighting style

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    For Honor fighting style

    Hi there,

    I just love the unique fighting style in For Honor and wanted to create a project with similar fighting.
    How would one go about making something like it?
    What I mean with the style is the way you can use the mouse to direct where to attack/defend from.

    Thanks in advance

    In a quick search for "melee combat Unreal Engine" I've found this video that should be helpful.

    You could control your camera with your mouse and, before attacking, turning your character to your "Control Rotation->GetForwardVector" direction. By doing this, he would always attack forward, but before attacking he'll adjust his rotation according to your forwad direction. I believe this is a start for you.


      I'll definitely check it out!


        looking at it I feel like it isn't the right thing for me.
        What I want is the option to rotare the camera with the mouse and when pressing spacebar he will go into a ready stance where the mousemovement only controls the position of the weapon e.g. moving mouse to the right moves the weapon to the right of the character and moving it left goes to the left and up goes up top


          That is like seriously super advanced technical art.

          Not only do you need dynamic animations for every possibility but also need to react to the physics system (e.g. when blades hit each other or you hit an enemy, you need to react to that).

          The correct answer is probably along the lines of Blend Spaces. Lots of blend spaces and transitions between them. Noting you can begin to develop without a large amount of at least decent quality animations and a very good grasp of animation systems / animation state machines.

          The actual code behind it is decently simple. React to overlap / hit events. Map the mouse to the blend spaces.

          Here's the overview over the animation system in unreal.


            I understand it's a complex thing to do, but I am ready to accept this challenge


              I mean no offense. But I doubt you are.

              If you are interested in this type of thing. Start with something more simple.

              You'll definitely need animations.
              For simplicity let's just say you use the default mannequin that's part of the third person template. So you already have a model and a rig.

              You could start out by creating some simple animations.
              Or get a pack of animations on the marketplace / internet and just start setting up a transition system.

              Aim for a dark souls like gameplay (which is a single state machine with no particularly complex interactions). It's far from easy to get this right. Especially if you keep the third person while targeting something (aka upper body looking towards the enemy, potentially attacking) while the legs need to move in a realistic fashion (blend space for legs and using the result of those two animations to drive your current character state).

              That's already plenty difficult while also being a lot less punishing to mistakes.


                I would think you'd also want to get some IK in there.
                They broke the signatures so I removed mine thinking it'd be awhile. The signatures work again, but I haven't redone my signature yet.


                  Check this guys C++ tutorials out. There are things you can use here. Like his lock on system for one.