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    Array Items Shift Down

    Hello, so I have an inventory system set up, I followed the tutorial by Unreal Engine (link: so my code is the same
    but I want the Inventory to be a hotbar meaning when an item is removed, all the items keep the same position, but they all shift down which isn't ideal for a hotbar as everything changes I have tried multiple things such as ReverseForEachLoop which I can't find and wouldn't work, Set Array Elem, ect. Perhaps I am doing it wrong or something. So how would I go about doing so, thank you in advance

    That's because the Array in BP is actually a Linked List and not an array per se like we know them in C++ or any other language.
    You have to store your hotbar in something other than an BP Array. Or you should use some "Null"-Object to indicate an empty entry in the hotbar.