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Loading morph values in multiplayer

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    Loading morph values in multiplayer

    I am looking into creating a morph based character creator system for my game. I understand the basics behind it and storing the values into the player controller.
    My question is, how do I copy those variables to a pawn when first joining the server and respawing? How do I tell the server and other clients to set the pawn's morph values so that everybody sees the custom character?

    I guess I should edit this post and mention that I don't plan on these values changing during multiplayer. These values should only be changed from the main menu, stored in the player controller, and then somehow applied to a spawned pawn and have those settings replicate to the other players.
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    I want to update this thread because I have made some progress on this. Hoping that maybe the next part is easier and I can find some help.
    So right now I have a struct with the morph slider variables stored in it. When the player hosts or joins, the struct is stored into a Save Game object and saved into a slot called Test. When joining the server, this save file is loaded and the variables are then dumped into a struct reference in the character blueprint. When joining the server, it spawns a character, sets the morph values, and then a possess takes place. This is working just fine on the server, but the client does not see any morphs on either character. Here are two screenshots to show what is going on right now:

    This is what the server sees and it is correct.

    This is what the client sees

    I also did a test where I have a rep notify on the slider values to set the morphs. When the server moves his sliders the client sees the changes happen in real time. When the client changes his sliders, the server copy of that player doesn't change.
    I am still trying to figure all of this out so I am hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction