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[SUPER noob post] What exactly is this component?

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    [SUPER noob post] What exactly is this component?

    I feel really dumb for not knowing what this is, but after a few hours of searching for it on the Internet, I have turned here for help.

    I have been following this tutorial, but on the very last image there is a component that I just cannot find.

    It's the one connecting "Break Rot" and "InputAxis MoveRight." Anyone know what this is?


    input axis is an input event you have to set inside you project setting, under the "input" tab. as for the break rot, it takes a rotator and break it into 3 float values, x y and z. does that help? also dont take this wrong, but you should already know all of this before attempting to make a tank movement, or really anything actually... Watch some tutorials on the basic of the engine, it will make your learning so much smoother and enjoyable :P