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Camera similar to platformers like Mario Galaxy 2

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    Camera similar to platformers like Mario Galaxy 2


    I'm struggling to get this to work. I think I'm approaching it all wrong.

    I want a camera that follows my player but I can set a set location + rotation for the player cam to lerp to at different points in the level.
    While this lerp is happening, I want the camera to still move with the player.

    I've noticed in MG2 gameplay videos, the camera will move/rotate to a new point in the level, but will still move with Mario.

    When ever I try doing this I get my camera flashing between the 2 points.
    I've started the the Third Person template using im using camera boom + camera.
    I've been using Timeline with a float going from 0 to 1 and using that as the Alpha in my Lerp Transform, which takes Current Camera Transform and New Camera Transform

    I hope i've explained this well