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Stuck on Casting in Blueprints

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    Stuck on Casting in Blueprints

    Hi All

    One day i hope to get my head around this but for now I ask you guys :-)

    I have a text box whereby the user inputs a number (Int to Spawn) and this is in the UI Blueprint

    What I want to do is get this number and use it in the StartPosition Blueprint however when try I'm not sure what the object should be for the link, I have tried getPlayerController and that didn't work, I also tried setting a reference variable for the UI and that didn't work either.

    Everything is working in the blueprints fine as I have check along the way to see or try to see where the error is and it fails in the section i provided.

    When I press the UI button to trigger the SpawnChar function I get the FAILED print string

    Any advice is helpful and if you need more infromation please ask and I will try and provided it.

    Thanks in advance
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