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Disconcerting Nodes Problem

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    Disconcerting Nodes Problem

    Edited: Sorry for misspelling title supposed to say Disconnecting Nodes!

    Hello all, so I have been using UE4 for a couple years now and through all the updates it feels like 14.4 is HORRIBLE at disconnecting nodes upon saving and leaving editor. It really only happens to structures (not editing them) and BP Actors with editable and expose on spawn variables, is this just with me or is anyone else having this problem? Oh also crashing in record numbers from the simplest additions or changes in blueprints, anyone having that problem either?

    Thanks Mike
    Last edited by onimike; 02-10-2017, 11:23 AM. Reason: Misspelled Disconnecting for Title

    Well i have had the issue that my nodes "looked" unconnected when they had to many connections, but actually they were still connected, it just gave up on displaying the connections when it became too complex. At least that is what happened to me. Never had any crashing in the editor, but with a newer graphics driver (AMD) i had lightmass calculations crash sometimes.
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