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How can I pass orientation as a quaternion in blueprint?

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    How can I pass orientation as a quaternion in blueprint?

    Hi All,

    I have a motion controlled IK rig where the hand objects are rotating just fine with the Motion controller input. No gimbal flips there.
    But when I take that scene components world orientation and apply it in the character Anim Blueprints I get various gimbal problems.

    Does anyone know a good way to do this?


    You might be able to make your own Quat type in BP along with supporting functions. You'd make a structure and accompany it with a function library. That isn't a great idea but it does avoid jumping into C++ to make a wrapper class or expose a core engine type to BP manually.
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      Mm...thanks yes but that would take me some time just to figure it out and right now that is a bit much for me.
      Feels like then it might even be easier to make it in code as all the explainers online would be in code too.


        Quaternions are not a thing in Blueprint, due to Epic not exposing them.
        Epic wants to keep Blueprints userfriendly, so they limit it to Rotators (don't argue about it here, I'm with you!).

        If you need quaternions and you don't want to recreate them in Blueprints (which I also can understand),
        you might want to use Rotator->Quaternion functions from C++ and do the rest in C++.

        If, however, you can't use C++, then it might be out of reach for now.
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          Ok yes I think probably to do this it should be done in code.
          I'll have to put it on the maybe-to-do-later shelf for now.

          Cheers, Fred