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[4.23] VOIP dropout with new audio engine?

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    [4.23] VOIP dropout with new audio engine?

    We've had VOIP working in our project for a couple years now, including after we updated to 4.23. We recently enabled the new audio engine (still on 4.23) and haven't changed any VOIP settings, but now we're encountering significant VOIP dropout. Someone will be speaking for several sentences and it's complete silence over VOIP (we're in VR so it's rather obvious when someone is trying to speak). It's not cutting in and out like it typically would with mic threshold settings and the rest of the time it's loud and clear like usual

    Anyone else seen this or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

    Hi MillhouseOne, I'm sorry you're experiencing this. Can you provide your UVOIPTalker settings?

    Are there coincidental events? Like drop-out after not being used for a while or if there are a bunch of other sounds playing at the same time? Etc.
    Dan Reynolds
    Technical Sound Designer || Unreal Audio Engine Dev Team


      Thanks dan.reynolds, unfortunately we haven't been able to notice anything coincidental.

      We're a design application so sound effects are fairly rare. In the cases we've seen this there are no other sounds being played at all — just VOIP. Typically we're seeing the issue with two of us hanging out in an empty room in VR just chatting about something, and then one of us recognizes the other is silent but still looks like they're saying something. It's in the middle of a conversation, so there are pauses but nothing significant.

      Our setup is fairly straightforward. We've subclassed VOIPTalker to dispatch events for BeginTalking and EndTalking. There are no other changes to VOIPTalker.

      On our pawn class, we have a ton of init steps spread out over several ticks, and then the last thing we do is set up our BPVOIPTalker as shown in the image:

      Click image for larger version

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      Finally, we're using VOIPTalker strictly to get the VOIP levels so we can indicate who is talking, so we haven't even added anything for spacialization.