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Help needed for voice chat on LAN between Android and Windows

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    Help needed for voice chat on LAN between Android and Windows


    I've got a (non-game) project with a few requirements.
    • Need voice chat between all users
    • Should function without internet connexion (all users are on the same LAN, either on ethernet or Wifi, but the internet isn't reachable)
    • Users may use an Android device (Oculus Quest) or a Windows desktop machine (which will run a Vive Pro VR headset).
    Unfortunately, these are hard requirements, I'm not the decision-maker for those.
    I have been looking fate and wide, but can't find anything that works.

    What I've tried:
    Also, for context, I'm using the OnlineSubsystemNull so that my multiplayer implementation also works without internet connexion.

    Any help would really be appreciated.

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    Bump on that, i'm having the same issue...


      I got voicechat working with the native voicechat-system in LAN with multiple PCs.

      The message "LogVoiceEngine: Error: OSS: StartLocalVoiceProcessing(): Device is currently owned by another user" is only a warning AFAIR, as this function is called slightly too early.
      When it is called later again, the user has been setup correctly.

      In order to get it working on PCs you need to make use of the session-system, i.e you have to use the CreateSession/FindSession/JoinSession- calls. It does not work without sessions.

      I am not sure if the native voice-chat solution works well in all constellations (android) or how good it is supported by epic, since I had to use several workarounds in C++.


      - I needed to call "FOnlineVoiceImpl::RegisterRemoteTalker" on the server every time a client connected in order to make voice-spatialization work.
      - I needed to call APlayerController::ToggleSpeaking twice on local machines after the VOIPTalker component was created and as soon as the playerstate was replicated in order to hear something.

      Some links:


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