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Play audio component on press / Stop audio component on release - Basics

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    Play audio component on press / Stop audio component on release - Basics

    Hello everyone!
    Well I just want to set up a basic Audio management system for my project.
    I got two audio components in my blueprint controller, one of them should play as long as I hold my left mouse button and stop playing when I release it. Keyboard 1 and 2 should just switch between both audio components.
    I deactivated on both audio components autoplay, and attached to them a matching sound cue which is able to loop. I know that the Tick Event isn't quite good for the performance of my computer but for this debug it should be okay. That's all I've done...

    Sounds really simple, but I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    Attached is an Image of the blueprint.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Audio.jpg
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ID:	1652796Thanks for helping me.


    The Event Tick executes every single frame.

    That means when you press your Left Mouse Button down, you are telling the Audio Components to start Playing the audio from time 0 every single frame, like 30+ times per second. It's likely you can't even get a few milliseconds into your audio file before starting over.

    Dan Reynolds
    Technical Sound Designer || Unreal Audio Engine Dev Team